Recensione di Best Kept Secret su Postrocker.NL

"I like it when a Postrock band connect their music with video. The end result is often fascinating but pretty common: you have your clips of space, nature, the sea... Amp Rive, an Italian Postrock band, avoids this cliché and pits an old man working on his own land, where he has an encounter with a strange being... and that's enough for me to say. The clip is written for the track "Best Kept Secret"that's featured on the album   "Irma Vep"  (nice anagram!) which can be downloaded for free(!) on mediafire here. Luckily for us, the whole album is great! Be sure to check the video and the album. Next to the track "Best kept secret" check out track no. 4 "Clouded down"

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